To the Editor,

Kim Kriegle is the right choice for Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees.?Kim Kriegel is a professional educator and a leader in public education policy circles. She takes a big picture approach to making effective plans and setting attainable goals, and when it is time to act she is always prepared to produce the best possible outcome for students.

Students come first with Mrs. Kriegel. She has spent most of her life as a teacher and as a strong supporter of her profession and public education. As an education advocate and lobbyist for the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE), I have worked with Mrs. Kriegel for 20 years. When I need a highly sensitive and productive conversation with a state leader or for that matter the former Chairman of the House Appropriations committee I call Mrs. Kriegel. I call her because I know that her experience as an education leader positions her to handle the situation appropriately and professionally. I know she keenly understands the issues facing our schools and our students and she will work for a solution instead of just defining a problem.

Above all, I know that her passion for students leads her to work enthusiastically on issues until they are resolved. Mrs. Kriegel has volunteered her time to serve on countless local and state committees including a statewide health care advisory committee at the Texas Teacher Retirement System and the ATPE board of directors. She has valuable experience advocating for Waxahachie ISD at the legislature and she is skilled at testifying for the needs of the district.

Kim Kriegel has the policy experience, the leadership and, most of all, the passion to do the right thing for taxpayers, students and parents. I encourage you to choose her to represent your education interests by electing her to the Waxahachie school board. ?

Brock Gregg,

Pflugerville, Texas