To the Editor,

There are significant events going on each day in our state and nation that we should be monitoring, yet most of us are self consumed. (distracted or not interested).??

And at times we may be observing, yet observing the wrong thing.??For example, we have witnessed many comments concerning the Nevada property rights of Mr. Bundy. (Set aside his tasteless comments).?What some have addressed is his IOU to the federal government and yet has anyone addressed the federal take over of state lands (and how about private lands)? Nothing to see here ... keep moving.?Yes, a result of Bundy’s situation is the IOU but a bigger issue might be the Feds control of state and private property. ?A more recent topic is that of the BLMs control of Red River Land. (And yes, they swear it is theirs even though the Feds have never exercised control, while some boundary details are in question.)?I always thought we were the United States and not the Feds Nation or United Nations.?Take some time and do an Internet search on the over use of eminent domain (since the Supreme Court said it is OK to take an individuals property for the “greater good” of economic development and environmental protection).?It is a slippery slope and there is a lot of sliding going on in various parts of the nation - by economic forces as well as the Forest Service and other federal agencies. Even in the name of endangered species.?Again, is it the end result or the increasing use of the process (the journey)? Is it the forest or the tree we should be watching??What ever you want to call it, it appears to be increasing and over shadowing individual and state rights. Not to mention changes in the control of resources from elected officials to appointed agencies.?Example: How familiar are you with the North Central Texas COG (NCTCOG)??It is an agency or “Council of Government.” An interesting term when you consider that none of the full time “agents” working in the shadows of Six Flags are elected. Yet they direct the actions and control our transportation system, water system and many other resources (in the name of consolidation and the greater good).?Don’t be distracted by the fact that they invited many elected community representatives in for a quick meeting — set up, supported and run effectively by a very large full time staff of “government employees”???OK — forget all of what I said and go see the process. Ask their public relations representative for their budget or staff size. I have been told that on some days you must be escorted from place to place — inside their facility. Most interesting.?Of course it is a simple explanation — until you sit in on some of their meetings and start asking questions about who is in charge and what is the objective. ??

Speaking of Texas transportation (managed by NCTCOG) how about that LBJ Express way construction project? Look up those who won the contracts:?Texas CENTRA (a Spanish/European Mega Company).??Research the other two companies (they are CENTRA owned or owned by their parent company) Global Funding & Global Profits.?Do not watch the bouncing ball, watch where it is bouncing and how it effects Texas or our world community. ?Your voice (or lack thereof) will decide if Texas can stand on its own or if it becomes a national/global asset.?In order to better understand you need to know what ‘Social Justice’ is and what a global society says is “UNSUSTAINABLE.” ?You would be surprised — if you took the time to look closely and ask.?What is the future of the Individual, the family, and who gives you your rights??Don’t look now but do we have the right to exercise our religion or the right to worship inside a church?!These are two very different things!??A few more questions that you should ask and answer:??What is the Rio Declaration, and Earth Summit of 1992 and its purpose???What are Fusion Centers and why do we have so many in Texas???What is your Eco Footprint and how do they figure the number of earths you are destroying???What is UNCED and UNESCO (purpose and future)???On page 37 of Earth Summit - Agenda 21, what do they mean when they say:??paragraph 5.23 “An assessment should be made of the implications of the age structure of the population on resource demand and dependency burdens ...?” ??And oh ... there is so much more....??I know ... you are rolling on the floor laughing.?Have you ever asked just what is “unsustainable” in our future global society? ?Check back with me in a year or two (may be sooner) you won’t be laughing then and we will share a different emotion or two.?

James Parker,

Ellis County Republican Party

Chairman Elect