To the Editor,

First let me say that I have known TJ all of his life. I have watched him grow into man he is today.

I support TJs run for this district seat. TJ will be a breath of fresh air to the stale halls of the Capital.

When I think of TJ, I think of words like honor, truth, integrity, veracity and humility. I believe in his grass roots effort to challenge the status quo. He wants our government to be smaller, less intrusive into our lives and less willing to take our money.

He is aware of all the things that need to be changed, reformed, renewed or done away with to benefit the citizens of Texas.

TJ wants to be a true representative of the people who elect him, not to be hampered or beholden by campaign dononations.

Does he oppose anything? Yes, abortion, gun control, big government, irrational spending and Rinos. A Rino is a Republican in name only. There are many of them currently holding seats in our state government. They call themselves republicans, but vote with the Democrats.

Does he want to obstruct anything? Yes, anything that is wrong for the constituents of District 10.

TJ embraces the core values of our founding fathers. He believes the constitution should still be the foundation for governing our state and our nation.

TJ will fight for the rights of the people, not for the rights of corporations and big business.

TJ is a Christian and holds firmly to his beliefs, as those principals guide his daily walk and his campaign. It is not his way to play dirty politics. He sticks to the agenda and that agenda is be the next State Rep. of District 10.

A vote for TJ Fabby is a vote for the right candidate.

Kyle and Alexa Smith,

Red Oak