To the Editor,

We have come to love many things about Waxahachie since moving here from Houston.  We particularly love and appreciate the hard work, leadership, and friendship from Mike Lee.  

We came to know Mike, as fellow Rotarians, where Mike and Mickie serve on the same flag route. Mike is one of four gentlemen who work tirelessly planting and removing flags while allowing Mickie to drive Mike’s truck (wearing out many a tire on many a curb). Sorry, Mike!  After working a flag route one afternoon, Mickie recalls that Mike specifically asked for prayer for the School Board. There was an important decision to be made and it meant a lot to Mickie that Mike Lee works hard but is humble enough to know that prayer is necessary in maintaining the best environment for our children.  

Working with strong personalities, often with differing opinions, can be difficult, at best, and unproductive, at worst.  As Mike has served in many capacities in our City, we have watched him use his well-honed management and negotiation experience to “cut to the chase” when discussions become muddled.  When Mike talks, we listen …. and benefit.

Mike and his wife, Ann (also devoted to education having obtained her MA in Speech-Language Pathology) have raised four children, who graduated WISD, are now working respectively in the fields of medicine, accounting, food services and sales. The Lees appreciate the importance of a good education. We are fortunate to have the caliber of Mike Lee willing to serve on our Waxahachie School Board.   

David and Mickie Hill,