To the Editor,

About Rachel Huber for Ovilla City Council:

Rachel and my wife, Marilyn, met while working for Sanger’s in “Red Bird Mall” in the late 1970’s. I was told about Rachel when Marilyn and I discussed our days upon getting home and decompressing from our respective days work. Marilyn was drawn to friendship with Rachel because they shared a strong work ethic and a common sense approach to dealing with people. I did not have the privilege of meeting Rachel until after we moved to Ellis County in the 1992. Marilyn, to her surprise, got reacquainted with Rachel when she attended a meeting of the Ovilla Service League and discovered Rachel had been a member of that organization since 1974. They and rest of the ladies of the “OSL” have remained friends ever since.

Rachel was an elected member of the Ovilla City Council from 1975-1979 where she was appointed by her peers on the council as Mayor Pro-Tem. After one term on city council she decided to become a full time mom, coach their daughter’s girls softball team and go to their son’s little league baseball games. She has made community service a priority in her life and wants to see the cities tax dollars spent in a wise manner that is fair and equitable to all the citizens of Ovilla.

In addition to being the longest continuous member of the Ovilla Service League where she has held every elected office within the club (at least once) she worked as a volunteer for the Ovilla Volunteer Fire Department. Once, she had to drive a fire truck to a call because she was the closest one to the truck and did not want to waste time waiting for a driver to get the equipment to the call where it was desperately needed.

Rachel and her husband of 60 years, Melvin, have been citizens of Ovilla for more than 40 years where they have raised their 2 children and look forward to visits with their grandchildren. They are very active in their church and share a vision with the majority of the folks in this area of keeping the small town atmosphere in Ovilla while maintaining the close knit community values and allowing Ovilla to continue the direction of positive growth for all the citizens of Ovilla.

The first few times that Rachel and I were at the same gathering we clashed like “oil and water;” our out-spoken, hard-headed, German heritage put us at odds with each other on most every subject. It didn’t take long for Marilyn to sit us down after an “OSL” function with a directive, “Work out your differences or you will both be here until you do.” In that venue, without either of us raising our voices, we discovered we have a lot in common and the things we disagree on can be discussed to a reasonable compromise in a civil manner.

Since that day I have come to know Rachel as one of the most passionately kind people I have had the pleasure of calling my friend. Rachel is honest, to a fault, and will tackle most any challenge the way she was raised ... knowing there is a way to accomplish the goal.

I have regrets; 1) I did not really get to know Rachel and Melvin until sometime in the mid 90’s. 2) I do not reside within the city limits so I am unable to vote for Rachel. I strongly encourage those of you who can to vote for Rachel and those, like me, who can not to support her candidacy. You will not be sorry.

Ron Langenheder,   

Ellis County Citizen in Ovilla’s ETJ