The southbound service road of Interstate Highway 35E and the Sterrett Road bridge were shutdown on Thursday afternoon as a HazMat team were cleaning up a chemical spill. Waxahachie Fire Department Battalion Chief Randy Muirhead said a tanker from Coal City Cobb was transporting sodium chlorite solution for Magnablend. The tanker left Magnablend and crossed over the bridge. As the tanker turned left onto the service road, about 5-8 gallons spilled out onto the roadway. The spill took place around 11 a.m., but emergency responders weren't alerted to the spill until 3:20 p.m.

Muirhead said one of the employees from Magnablend kept smelling the product in the air after the tanker had left and walked east on Sterrett to investigate. The employee saw the spill and told his superiors about it.

Muirhead said Magnablend then contacted Coal City Cobb to meet at the location and assess the situation. They then contacted BP Environmental to clean up the spill. It was later determined that one of the caps on top of the tanker was not tightly secured and that is what cased the chemical to spill out onto the roadway.