A friend of mine enjoys raising her 2-year old daughter.  Her days are full of activity as she helps her little girl discover the world.  At this young age, her daughter’s attention span is short as she jumps from one fascinating discovery to the next. It is a fun time for both of them.  

But this young mom struggles to find the time it takes to consistently exercise, which is important for her military pursuits and her own physical well-being.  he finds it nearly impossible to dedicate 30-60 minutes to a workout without being interrupted by demands for attention by her little girl.  

Even her attempts to fit in a workout before her daughter awakes are often foiled when her toddler stumbles out of bed earlier than expected. Regular workouts fall by the wayside.

Does this scenario feel familiar?  

Maybe you aren’t raising a busy 2-year old, but you probably have equally demanding priorities for your time. It might be work, school, aging parents, older children in sports or other activities, or a whole host of other demands.  Life is busy and it is hard to fit in regular exercise.  If this is true for you, here are five tips that might help.

1 – Explore short workout formats. If dedicating 45-60 minutes to exercise seems impossible with your schedule, look into shorter sessions lasting anywhere from 4-30 minutes. If you push hard during these short durations, you can gain great benefits.

2 – Spread exercises throughout your day.  Pick a move that builds strength in multiple muscle groups (and better yet, also increases your heart rate), and sneak in 20 repetitions lasting less than a minute on multiple times throughout the day.  Establish a goal and complete that many repetitions or minutes by day’s end.

3 – Pick exercises you don’t hate.  It’s hard to stick with exercises you dread, even if you have time.  If you hate an exercise, you’ll find it much easier to skip due to a busy schedule.  Find some “go to” exercises you can fit in even on the busiest days without being tempted to forgo them because you can’t stand them.

4 – Add activity to your daily grind.  In addition to your workouts, you can fit in more activity in other aspects of your day. Stand when talking on the phone. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Park in the first spot you see and walk, rather than cruising the lot for a closer space. Break up time at a desk by doing 10 squats every hour. Anytime you can replace a sedentary activity with something more active, you’ll be further ahead.

5 – Keep a daily log of how you spend your time.  By analyzing what you do throughout the day, you may find time for exercise. Perhaps you can combine activities to free up 30 minutes. Maybe you can squeeze in a workout while dinner is in the oven.  Consider exercises you can do while watching TV.  

Life is busy. To be your best and to keep up with a busy schedule, you need to be healthy.  Try one or all of these tips so you can enjoy good health with plenty of energy to get you through the day. Above all, remember, Success Can Be Yours!

Sheila Ray is a resident of Waxahachie and owner of Reforming U.  Sheila provides personal and group fitness training, as well as motivation and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.  Want tips and motivation for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight?  Grab her free ebook at http://www.reformingu.com, then check out her blog and follow her on social media, all of which can be found at the same site.