To the Editor,

I ask that you please consider keeping both Mike Lee and Mike Robinson on the Board of Trustees for the WISD. Both of these gentlemen have finished their first three year term and both have done an outstanding job of watching over your tax dollars and holding our schools accountable as we work towards raising academic standards.  

I know several of the nine candidates in this race, and I consider many my friends; however, absent a very good argument to the contrary, I see no reason that Mike Robinson or Mike Lee should not continue their public service to you, the taxpayer.  Their hard work coupled with years of continuing board member education has proven to me that our school district is in great hands under their leadership. It has been my pleasure to work with them over the past three years and I can attest to their work ethic, sincerity and selfless attitude towards conducting the people’s business.  

As Board President I want you to know that our district has a great team of seven board members that all work tirelessly to serve you.  I ask that you give us the opportunity of continuing our cohesive well trained board as we meet the important challenges of addressing student growth, academic standards and future facility needs.   

Thank you for your consideration of my comments and I ask that you vote for Mike Lee and Mike Robinson for the WISD Board of Trustees.  

W. Mark Price

President of WISD School Board