To the Editor,

Mike Lee and I have worked together in a number of different areas in the past few years.  In the Rotary Club we are on the scholarship committee together interviewing high school and Navarro College students for Rotary scholarships. In addition we share a route installing the Rotary flags several times each year and share duties marking the trails for the Rotary bike ride each June.

We are also on the Waxahachie Partnership, Inc (WPI) Board together where we work on projects to improve and enhance the Waxahachie downtown area. Some of these projects have included market research, interviews, building tours, reviews of local and other town’s ordinances and creating new solutions to old problems.

In all of these areas Mike has shown his professionalism, creativity and concern for the students and citizens of this community.  He also often has the new approach that has made a plan work or pointed toward a new solution.  As president of WPI and chairman of the Rotary scholarship committee I must often rely on Mike as well as other committee members.  When he has been assigned a task he can always be relied on to complete it in the most professional way.  

I have also observed him at work at Citizens National Bank of Texas where he is a Board member and Executive Vice President and on the Tax Incremental Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) where he is also a Board member.  He can always be relied on to ask the insightful question or make the original point.

In his time as WISD Trustee Mike has completed 88 hours of special training and helped develop the long-term plan.  In addition he has been involved with other trustees in making the difficult but critical decisions which will help up maintain and continually improve our school system in Waxahachie to exemplary levels.  Having raised four kids in the WISD system he is extremely interested in a quality education for every child.

Please vote in the May 10 elections for each of the offices being contested but also please include your vote for MIKE LEE for reelection to the WISD School Board.

Thank you.  

John Hamilton,