To the Editor,

I met Mike Lee when my wife and I moved to Waxahachie 20 years ago to become manager of a local business. Moving from Dallas was far enough away that we wanted to establish local doctors, dentist, banks, churches, etc. Mike took care of our doctor recommendations and we still use the doctors until this day.  Our two children had already graduated from Dallas schools and moved away to college so we did not have our children attend WISD but we attended church with several superintendents so we were not unacquainted with the school system. Through the years I got to know Mike and his wife Ann and their four children on somewhat of a personal basis doing business with all of them several times and chatting with Mike over many lunches and visiting with he and his wife as they walked almost daily in our neighborhood.  I cannot think of a person that has given more of their time and effort than Mike Lee’s wife Ann to educate children in this area and doing so with undeniable ability and a contagious smile. I think Mike and Ann are outstanding examples of what parenting should be about. I think that WISD is very fortunate to have Mike Lee as a WISD trustee and it would it would be really good for WISD if we allowed him to remain in that position. Mike is what I think all parents want their children to grow up to be and that is a person of unquestionable integrity. With Mike Lee his word was always good and all it took was a handshake.

Jerry Dean,