The hard work and dedication of three Waxahachie firefighters has paid off after taking a 90-day challenge to become fit and live healthy. Don Alexander, Jason Eubanks and Derrick Crews took part in the 911 Fitness Challenge.

“We were definitely pleased with out numbers. Collectively as a team we lost 107 pounds of fat mass. We gained 19.19 pounds of lean mass,” Alexander said. “I think that one of the member’s individually lost about 39 pounds of fat mass. That was the biggest loss. Then one of the members gained a little over eight and half pounds of lean mass.”

The fitness challenge is open to active retired police, firefighters, paramedics, EMS, military personal, corrections officers, nurses, physicians and their spouse. The competition is open to civilians who work for 911 agencies and support staff of first responder agencies. Teams competing in the competition are from both the United States and Canada. Each team is made up of three to five members.

“All three of us like working out and enjoy lifting. Some of us like the cardio more then others. But also we all like to eat. That is just natural tendency,” Alexander said. “Everybody wants to eat and we don’t always eat the healthiest foods. That is by far the hardest. Even though you are doing it for 90 days, 90 days can seem like an eternity when you are doing without things that you have come to enjoy.”

Alexander said the other difficult part of the 90-day challenge was to lose fat but to maintain or gain muscle at the same time.

Firefighter Jason Eubanks said during the challenge it helped to be a part of a team because they helped you to be accountable in the workouts and in maintaining a healthy diet.

Eubanks added that people looking to start working out or changing their diet is that the important thing is to set a goal. By setting a goal it gives you something to focus on and work toward, he said. Without a goal a person is more likely to stop working out, Eubanks said.

The winning team who has the best average score for the most weight lost and muscle gained will be awarded a $5,000 cash prize. Alexander said the winner has not been announced yet, but they are already winners for the healthy transformation.