Easily forgettable is the phrase that comes to mind after watching Paul Walker’s second to last film “Brick Mansions.” This movie leaves a lot to be desired from the story and from the acting shown on the screen.

One of the main problems with this film is its lack of a story. The story behind “Brick Mansions” seems to be an afterthought. The film seems to center around intense action scenes that involve fist fighting, car chases and gun battles. The technique involving moving from one place to another in the most efficient way possible, Parkour, is over done in foot chases and is ridiculous at times. The audience is left with many holes in the story and unanswered questions that the plot resembles a piece of Swiss cheese.

The story of “Brick Mansions” revolves around Walker’s character Detroit Police Det. Damien Collier. Collier is asked by the mayor and the police department to enter the city's most dangerous area known as the Brick Mansions. This area has had a wall placed around it to isolate it from the rest of the city, because of the crime going on inside. Collier is tasked to diffuse a bomb that was stolen by gangs and take down their leader Tremaine Alexander, who is played by RZA.

There was never a defined bad guy. The roles of who is good and who is bad constantly flipped and rotated. Tremaine is first presented to the audience as the main bad guy, but later ends up working along side Collier at the end of the film. Casting RZA in a leading role was a mistake. His performance in this film was painful to watch. RZA needs to stick to making music and not films.

I know a lot of people put Walker’s career in a different light since his tragic death back in November. When going to see this film, people need to separate Walker’s life from his acting. Walker’s performance in this film, like many other films was not memorable and mediocre at best. It lacked substance.

If you are inclined to see “Brick Mansions” judge it on its content and not with rose-colored glasses.