To the Editor,

Mike Godwin once advanced the idea that nothing should ever be said to be the same or worse than the behavior of the Nazis, but he was wrong. When worst qualities are in full eruption with no promise of redemption, wickedness knows no boundaries.

The word is “Invidious,” or the same as malicious and the opposite of fair, the keyword that officially described the actions of Cleburne in a classic federal case in the 1980’s that reached the Supreme Court. The situation was one of zoning in which several disabled persons would be banned from living in a particular residential area. Well, Cleburne lost the case because ANY ILL TREATMENT of the disabled was held to be forbidden. The case helped spur the American Disabilities Act into existence in 1990.

We have heard of something called “The Knockout Game.” It would be inVidious and because there would also be a lying in wait, you can call it “InSidious” as well. Both terms reflect the action of bullies, those who use strength and/or some power to harm or intimidate those who they see as weaker, or otherwise attempt to take advantage of their victims.

In New Mexico, a woman who had minor traffic infractions was stopped. She had several children with her and was preoccupied with their immediate welfare. It was a messy situation, and she bolted, driving off with the children. Bullets were fired at the fleeing vehicle, an invidious act which endangered the kids. Safeguarding of the young takes precedence generally over anything else. The disabled, children, the sick, and the elderly all are considered vulnerable and by federal statute are to be protected from abuse.

In the Branch Davidian incident north of  Waco children were placed in danger by unjustified military styled action by blood thirsty federal and state agencies. Later Attorney General Janet Reno stated in effect that perhaps a mistake was made there. Long before, I happened on the place, drove right by the front door and waved to a lady carrying a basket. I rightly assumed it to be some sort of commune. I also know that Vern had some workable understandings with local officials. There were other ways to handle the situation than with potential deadly force and overwhelming it like it was another Alamo.

A mother, Lisa, fleeing her pursuing ex-husband lost control of her vehicle which crashed killing her child even as she was attempting to protect her child. The lady was arrested and served time in prison for the unfortunate death of her child while nothing happened to the terrorist. As told to me, this seemed to reek of a miscarriage of justice, adding insult to injury caused by an invidious act and followed by abusive court action. Lisa showed me the child’s grave in Alvarado, Johnson County, a rather tearful event for both of us. It was obvious to me in several months that I knew her to qualified as a disabled person and should have not been treated as a common criminal, certainly not routinely jailed.

My friend Larry often helped “little old ladies” at a Shell station in Alvarado. One day he became aware of an attempted car jacking taking place at the pumps. After pursuing the criminals and perhaps be a bit over-zealous in the good-deed apprehension, he was arrested by officers who had avoided working the original case. Larry Larry was thrown in jail specifically into the same cell with two of the attackers for a lengthy time, denied his medications for many hours, and subject if ill-treated by lawyers and county officials. Not in the best of shape and still shaken by events, he was made to do work at the city of Alvarado Animal Shelter as punishment. The unwelcomed stresses contributed substantially to his death a few weeks later when he had a cerebral hemorrhage, a type of stroke like I have had myself. Larry was a disabled veteran and should have never been treated badly but deserved consideration due to his disabilities. He received a well attended hero’s funeral and was buried at the nearby National Cemetery.

Jackie was out toward her mailbox one day after the Alvarado police had stopped a vehicle on her country road. Curious, she asked what had happened and was collared, thrown into the police car and severely beaten. She was frail and fighting cancer. She was arrested and charged with interfering with police business like Larry had been and jailed. She was required to take and then told that her her drug screen came back positive and further charged. She told me she did not take drugs. Earlier, strange circumstances prevented her acquisition of a building on the town square near to a historic structure that I later bought to restore.  She had also fought for humane treatment of animals in Alvarado.

Concerning my treatment in Johnson County, the status is that the cases have exceeded the routine legal processes, no courts are needed any more at my option, and I can act directly according to valid self-executing constitutional law. If you have never heard of such, so is the madness as lawyers are directed to lie about it. Since I am not an entrenched lawyer, I choose not to lie to you about the nature of such things.

No news to many, the local federal courts are fixed, or so they think, defaulting in a manner that jurisdiction becomes solely mind as restated by the Supreme Court not long ago, and that is post 911 with its excess legal rationalizations. There are no nice words to use for Dallas’ Magistrate Jeff Kaplin nor Chief District Judge Fitzzwater who both need to read more Supreme Court cases to instruct them on acceptable legal conduct and limitations on abuse by any officials.

Locally in Ellis County, Jim Pitts and staff have been involved in several major offenses including facilitating abuse at a customary million per year fine ... figure it out ... now due. They share in that liability that I can collect. Doing a few good things to mask abuses will not wash.

Optional damages assigned by me are fair and generally consistent with my federal case. By law beyond and meaning to support the goals of the ADA, disabled benign persons need not tolerate specific major abusive acts and can execute justice with or without assistance, no crime would be involved, and police power must not obstruct justice in opposing such actions.  For those on my list, and you know if you are likely there, and you don’t know or haven’t been told the details of your fine, a$k.

Bill Shaw,