To the Editor,

Tell me again why Medicare expansion will not be good for 1,046,430 Texans that would immediately benefit? That it would not be good for the Texas economy because it would be funded 100 percent by the federal government until 2016 then 90 percent after that?

Does it appear to anyone else that based on his recent remarks on legalization of weed, that Rick made a quick side trip to Copenhagen while he was in Europe?

So a self indulgent pop star gets stoned, takes pills, drinks alcohol, then gets busted for drag racing in a expensive sports car and parents complain he isn’t a good role model for our kids? Where does he get his money to afford such shenanigans? From the kids or the parents complaining?

We have those wanting to deregulate business so the job creators will have more money to hire people. How many people has Freedom Industries hired in West Virginia recently? Now that they’re bankrupt and protected from resulting lawsuits and the responsibility to pay to clean up their mess, who gets to pay for it? Those with millions in profits or the taxpayer trying to feed their family?

You know, it is often that those who proclaim to have a deep faith or correct political philosophy complain the most when that faith or philosophy is criticized. If either was as strong or as correct as promoted, then why would a little criticism matter? You don’t move the ball by playing defense all the time.

We saw why some should be in office and others not at a recent forum. Signs say a lot. The ability to effectively state a purpose and eloquiently communicate a message says a lot more and will in an elected office. We should fill the void left by Jim Pitts with one that will keep the loss of local influence in Austin at a minimum.  Seems some others really have to rely on signs or repeat  worn out phrases. We shouldn’t ride a one trick pony to obscurity.

Why has the attack on Wendy Davis now become national if indeed her campaign isn’t starting to garner the attention of the reasonable voter? Are the Teapubliclones  funded by the corporate carpetbaggers really that worried that the hand that feeds them might stop the flow in the trough currently going into the governors office?

Return Texas to Texans. Vote Democratic.

Return sanity to Austin. Vote for Wendy Davis.

Alan Fox,