OVILLA – The Ovilla City Council reconsidered a residential parking ordinance at Monday night’s city council meeting voting this time to pass the ordinance, which council member Ralph Hall vehemently voted against.

Hall said he did not believe the ordinance was harsh enough for future situations where residents were able to park large vehicles on their property.

Council member Doug Hunt also voted against the ordinance, but did not give a reason why.

The ordinance passed with a 3 – 2 vote with council member David Griffin, who had brought the ordinance back for reconsideration, Larry Stevenson and Dean Oberg voting in favor.

Griffin said he brought the ordinance back for consideration because it merely means residents will need to park large vehicles in the back of the area affected by the ordinance.

The ordinance failed at the meeting earlier this month, but Griffin said he felt uncomfortable with the last meeting’s vote because he had since then talked with residents and heard a resounding voice that they did not want “to be limited” on where their vehicles could be parked.

Griffin said he does not see a problem at the moment with vehicle parking and added, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Council voted 5 – 0 to bring the ordinance back for reconsideration and a vote to consider a new ordinance in conjunction with the Planning and Zoning Committee saw no action because the ordinance passed prior to that agenda item.

In other business:

• The Ovilla City Council voted 5 – 0 to declare city equipment /property to be sold as surplus through the use of an auction company the city has worked with in the past. The cost of the items will be determined by the company and recommendations of the cost will be confirmed with the city before the final sale.

• The council voted to appoint Fire Chief Phillip Brancato to represent the city on the City of Ovilla Fire Department Retirement Board, a board that handles Fire Department employee pensions.

• The council also showed disappointment regarding the unmet deadline for the city to be awarded a Leadership Award through the State Comptroller’s office. Council member Hall would like to see the city achieve the Platinum status, which requires a full disclosure and transparency in regard to city debt. There was talk of meeting the Gold status requirements, but a final decision was not made. Griffin showed his concern asking the City Administrator why this was not accomplished in 2013 as planned. “This is a priority” he reiterated, noting when the current council took office they had made a commitment to the citizens of Ovilla there would be transparency in the government. It was unclear as to why the 2013 deadline was missed.

• The council voted 4 – 0 to approve the consent agenda items. Council member Hunt did not arrive to the council meeting until after this vote had been called.