Vintage Bank honored two of its employees with two of the bank’s highest honor for 2013. Teller Charlene Cash was named employee of the year and Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer Alfred Vega was named officer of the year.

Cash has worked for Vintage for the past three years and works hard each day to provide customers that stop at her window the best possible service.

“We are the first on the line to greet customers when they come in. It is our job to make them feel at ease and anticipate what they need. If I can’t meet their need I am going to fined someone who can,” Cash said. “To me you are not a number to me you are my family and I am going to teach you as a family member. If you having a bad day at least when you leave you feel a little bit better.”

Cash added that her goal when greeting customers is to provide a listing ear and anticipate their needs. Cash has worked in banking for the past 14 years, thee years at Vintage, and receiving this honor was totally unexpected.

Vega has worked for Vintage for the past seven years and has been in the banking field 11 years. Vega said receiving the officer of award means a lot to him.

“I graduated from college from the University of Texas at Arlington. I when I got done I had an international business degree and I figured out that international banking was pretty hard to get into. So I jumped right into retail banking,” Vega said.

“I have worked for a mega big bank like Wells Fargo and a couple of other big regional banks. To work for an independent community bank where the owners are in bank is the best place to be.”

Vega said being able to make a difference in the lives of people that come in through the doors of the building whether to approve a loan or authorize a donation to a non profit organization is one of the best feelings in the world.

When working with customers Vega added that his goal is to make sure that they have been truly helped. Both awards were voted on by all of the employees at the bank.