To the Editor,

I am trying to make people aware of a new book on two lines of the Coggin/Coggins family who have lived in your area. The book is titled “A Tale of Two Coggin Families.” It follows two sons of Zachariah Coggin (1772-1834) who lived in Rowan County, N.C., portions that are today in Davidson County.

These sons are actually the sixth generation descendants of physician John Cogan Sr. (1620-1698) who lived in Virginia after arriving from England. The older brother Roland Coggin (1808-1884) after marrying in Davidson County, N.C., began a westward migration and eventually settled in Macon County, N.C. Seven of his eight sons were involved in the War Between the States. The book chronicles his son’s units movements through the war, with members in North Carolina, Alabama and Texas units. It follows Roland’s descendants up through members of his fifth generation.

Captain Wilson Ivy Coggin (1834-1912), one of Roland’s sons, commanded Company H, 18th Texas Cavalry which became Company D, Morgan’s Battalion later in the War Between the States. This unit was formed in Ellis County, Texas and Coggin took over command of the company after the early and untimely death of Captain Franklin L. Farrar just a few months after the formation of the company. A full chapter is dedicated to the history of these two units and their movements throughout the war. Additionally included is a full reconstructed roster of the men who served in these units most originally from Ellis County.

William Coggin (1818-1880) and his descendants primarily lived within a few counties of Davidson County, N.C. William remarried after his first wife died and children of the second marriage were overlooked in other publications. The two families seemed not to be aware of each other and this publication brings all those descendants out. William’s descendants are followed up through his sixth generation.

A unique feature of the book is the use of Internet hyperlinks included in footnotes used to “prove” the person by birth date, death date, spouse, marriage date, burial date, parentage of the spouse, children and locations of those events. Some sources used are;;; newspaper and funeral home links to obituaries, etc. This feature allows a relative to quickly narrow down their ancestor and will allow them to then search deeper if they desire.

On the back cover is a good description of information that a person might find within the covers.

The best example of the structure of the book can be found in a preview of the book at the following link on the Internet: Also by going to the book store and entering “Coggin” or “Coggins,” it will take you to the book. The book is available for purchase at Lulu’s website.

I appreciate your time and attention to this notification.

Ronald E. Herring,

Miles, Texas