To the Editor,

Well, it’s done. Congress has passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill to get us through the current fiscal year. So we can breathe a sigh of relief, correct? Not hardly. The word “omnibus” simply means “relating to or providing for many things at once.” But when Congress attaches the word to a spending bill, it means “pillage the taxpayers again.” As with any massive spending bill that no congressman could possibly have had time to read and digest, it is loaded with pork, waste, and unconstitutional spending (for a listing of some of the worst offenders, go here: Heritage experts weigh-in on massive omnibus spending bill).

In one news report, the staffers of a member of Congress were heard to comment that they were happy to see the bill passed because there were several “items” in the bill for their state. When will all members of Congress realize that the U.S. Treasury is not the private “piggy bank” for their districts/states? The taxes collected by the general government are intended to be used on those responsibilities assigned to it by the Constitution and no others!  

What those in Congress who vote for these earmarks fail to realize is that if the country goes down due to the debt it is hemorrhaging, all 435 congressional districts, all 50 states go down together, and then who benefits from these pet projects or programs that money was wasted on? No one! Unless this stops, Porky Pig’s trademark comment “tha-tha-that’s all folks” will not signal the end of a cartoon — it will signal the end of us as a free people in a democratic republic.

What we got from this bill is another step precariously close to the debt ceiling cliff once more — one we will probably see Congress raise again to our detriment. Congressman Joe Barton, my opponent in this year’s Republican primary, joined the handful of those who voted against this bill, and I applaud him for that. However, such votes have not always been his voting pattern. So I say to him, “Welcome to the side of fiscal responsibility, Congressman. Better late than never.”

Frank Kuchar

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas