The Waxahachie Police Department arrested a suspect Tuesday in connection with the Dallas Pawn and Jewelry murder case from 2009.

Police have Kajlon Jameel Carroll, 22, in custody on a capital murder charge for the death of Dallas Pawn and Jewelry owner Phillip Tucker.

Carroll is a resident of Ellis County, and Waxahachie Police Chief Chuck Edge said a warrant for Carroll's arrest was served at 4 p.m. on Jan. 21, while he was in the county jail on unrelated charges.

“In November 2013 we received a tip that Carroll had discussed the offense amongst some acquaintances,” Woodruff said. “We then talked with Carroll and he agreed to provide us with a DNA sample.”

Woodruff said they compared the DNA sample to blood that was found at the crime scene, and it was a positive match.

Although it has taken five years for them to make an arrest in this case, Edge said this case was never allowed to go cold, and they never stopped following tips.

No suspects

According to reports, Tucker, 53, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds at his pawn shop.

Officers were dispatched at about 2:42 p.m. on Aug. 4, 2009, after receiving a 911 call of a possible gunshot victim at the store, located at 4299 N. U.S. Highway 77 at Interstate 35E.

Edge said two customers had entered the store to look for some items, saw Tucker on the floor with an obvious wound and called 911. When officers arrived at the scene, a search was made of the building to determine if it was clear and no one else was either hurt or hiding inside, he said.

Police questioned the witnesses and persons of interest, but were unable to connect the accounts or evidence to a suspect.

One of the things hindering the department's investigation was a lack of surveillance footage. Woodruff was quoted in 2010 saying, “They pulled the cords out from the wall. They took the entire system.”

Waxahachie police contacted the Dallas police trying to determine if there was a connection between the case and a string of pawn shop robberies in Dallas county about the same time.

The investigation continued without any new leads and police offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, which they later raised to $15,000 – to no avail.

A witness comes forward

A year later, Waxahachie police continued to follow leads and information in hopes of identifying those who were involved. They were able to release a description of a man who was seen at the business by a customer. The customer described the subject as a black male, medium build, with no facial hair and in his 20s with a mark on his face.

Woodruff said the customer stated that the man had a “light-colored spot on his right cheek and was wearing what she described as white painter's coveralls with a hood.”

At the time, Woodruff said the witness reported seeing a black male when she entered the store. The woman said he told her the shop was closed and the owner would be “back in a little bit.” She then left, but reported to police that she saw a blue sport utility vehicle parked in front of the business.

A new lead in the case

Edge said detectives followed every lead and tip that was provided in this case, and he is pleased with the work they have done.

“I believe the detectives have done a fantastic job of pursuing tips,” he said. “From day one, the crime scene investigators did a great job with collecting all the evidence and preserving it. As a chief, I am very proud.”

Since his arrest, Woodruff said Carroll has made statements to law enforcement.

“We have reason to believe that there are other local individuals that have information about this case,” Woodruff said. “We encourage them to come forward.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Waxahachie Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 469-309-4400.