To the Editor,

In 1963 nobody had heard of the Midlothian Mirror. It was just a tiny newspaper in a tiny town with an old-time editor/owner. But Penn Jones Jr. was important enough to be invited to lunch with JFK. Jones made it to the luncheon that day, but the President didnít. And that changed not only the world but Penn Jones and the Midlothian Mirror forever. Jones made his way to Parkland Hospital to report on the events that took place on Nov. 22, 1963 and ended up pretty much devoting his life to trying to find out what happened in Dealy Plaza that day. ?My father was a friend of Pennís and thatís how I ended up visiting him in the summer of 1970. I was scared to be there. Jones had already written at least a few of his books documenting strange things that happened to people who had some tie to JFKís death and I was afraid someone who wanted Jones dead might decide to make that happen while I was visiting. Jones was one of a handful of people who investigated and devoted their lives to trying to solve the murder. He was a friend of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison (played by Kevin Cosner in Oliver Stoneís JFK movie). Rumor has it that they were such good friends that Jones was given the ORIGINAL copy of the Zapruder film of the assassination which he took to NYC to be duplicated.

Jones was the editor/publisher and owner of the Midlothian Mirror, something that residents should be proud of. I donít live in Texas so I donít get to see copies of todayís Mirror but I was unable to find any record of Jonesí accomplishments which I thought would be published on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.?Jones always shared anything new he found out to protect any new information from being lost if he was killed, which seemed a distinct possibility. His work should not be forgotten. Jones was small in stature but a giant in his field and Midlothian was his home. You should all be proud to have had him as a neighbor. ?

Elliott Freireich,


West Valley View?

Avondale, Ariz.