To the Editor,

Being of “a certain age” and not one to “tweet or chat” or whatever are those “techie” terms might be, I am using this public forum as an old fashioned “thank you not” to the charming young man who paid for my mean at the newest Sonic on FM 66 Thursday, Jan. 16. I was so pleasantly surprised when the attendant delivering my order told me the gentleman in front of me in line paid for my food! My first response was to ask, “Do I know him?” “Who is he?” She answered, “I didn’t think so — he just said he was paying for your meal.”

He made my day! However, this pleasant surprise quickly turned to almost embarrassment as I recalled my “unkind mutterings” in the newly reconstructed intersections of Business 77 North in the after school traffic, as well as my impatience earlier in the day when an order had been filled incorrectly.

Thank you, young man, for your reminder that a little kindness goes a long way!

I’m sure you’ve made your “elders” proud and you have made me want to strive to extend more kindnesses in unexpected ways — perhaps especially in the traffic of Business 77 North!

Thank you again, and bless you.

Marilyn Adlof,