To the Editor,

Lord I love my family, but Lord how

Could this be the things that we go through that we go through

That we think you donít see, but you see

Everything the good and the bad, the times

When we have lost and the times when we

Have had.

And when all the trials and tribulations

Start to come our way, Lord you only take us

Through them for a test of our faith. And at

Times like these we have to be strong, life each

Other up so we can all continue on.

And of course itís going to be hard everyday

That we strive, but we have to keep faith,

And thank God weíre still alive. And when

We are going through the heartaches and the

Pain, Lord it is you who always keeps us sane.

And even when we bring the torment upon

Ourselves, sweet Jesus itís you who brings us

Back to health.

Because Lord itís you, who keeps us at peace,

But most of all God itís your mercy that we

Do not see. So have mercy on us oh Lord and

Bless each day that we see, but most importantly,

God take control of our feet. Because

At times we may get lost, and donít know which

Way to go, and where we are going only God in Heaven

Knows. So I write this poem not just for

Me, because at the end of the day

We are still family.

Jastiny Johnson,

Hillsboro, Texas