AUSTIN — Texas Agriculture Commissioner candidate J Allen Carnes continues to garner support from the hardworking men and women of Texas agriculture.

The Texas Wheat Producers Association PAC announced it is endorsing J Allen Carnes for Texas Agriculture Commissioner.  “We are proud to be part of the broad agricultural community which has endorsed J Allen Carnes. When a state boasts an agricultural landscape as big and diverse as Texas, it is essential that we elect individuals who not only support the industry, but understand it as well. As a farmer and industry leader, J Allen Carnes has the experience and knowledge required to be the next Texas Commissioner of Agriculture,” says Texas Wheat Producers Association PAC President Ben Scholz.

Carnes is a conservative Republican who farms vegetables, cotton and grain in Uvalde, Texas where he also serves as mayor. “I’m humbled by the tremendous grassroots support for a farmer for agriculture commissioner, and today’s endorsement means a great deal to me,” said Carnes.

Carnes is also endorsed in the race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner by the Texas Farm Bureau (AGFUND), Beef-PAC of Texas Cattle Feeders Association, Corn Producers Association of Texas, Texas Citrus Mutual, Texas International Produce Association, Texas Grain Sorghum Producers Association and the Texas Wildlife Association (TWAPAC).

Carnes says he is running for Texas Agriculture Commissioner to protect and promote Texas agriculture and to inspire the next generation so Texas never becomes dependent on a foreign land for food, fiber or shelter.

Carnes has held a number of leadership roles including former president and director of the Texas Vegetable Association, past director of the Texas Produce Association and Texas Representative for the National Council of Ag Employers.