To the Editor,

The lack of tree pickup is a disgrace. On voting day, I urge we vote AGAINST ALL LOCAL INCUMBENTS.?I also live on Brown Street, and can assure you the street is littered with big piles of limbs and branches. Calling does no good.

On another note, your paper prints a lot of boring stories. Why not get real, with things people are really curious about ... such as:?On Highway 77, why are perfectly good stop light poles and crosswalk buttons being replaced with new ones that donít look any different??When will ďNo U-TurnĒ signs be placed on the intersections on Highway 77 where the new road divider got placed??Why did Arbyís on Highway 77 become a loan company??Why is there a for sale sign on the old Burger King on Highway 77 now that thereís a new Burger King inside Walmart??Why is the road work on Highway 77 near Chilliís and Olive Garden being done at night? And why is it taking so long??Another letter says the trash company only picks up tree limbs two days per week? Why canít that truck be in op every day? Iím sure someone whose unemployment ran out would take the job on a temp basis.?Planned development and new stores are interesting. What will go into the old hospital when the new one is built? Why did Tuscan slice expand? Why did Big Lots move ... and increase their greeting card prices so much???And ... why print so many letters to the editor that focus ultra-hard left or ultra-hard right? The world is not black and white. Both side have their points but be realistic. Itís not going to be sunny or rainy every day. The world gives us a mix and politics needs to live in the real world. After we express our ideal politics, how can we live together in the real world?

David Blyth,