More than 30 Cub Scouts from Waxahachie Pack 681met at St. Paul's Episcopal Church to match their racing skills. The event was the pack’s annual Pinewood Derby. Boy Scouts of Troop 234 served as hosts and officials for the event.

“We’re really happy to host this for them. Many of our boys are here to help wherever they can,” Scoutmaster Floyd Ross said.

The scouts started arriving early to make the final adjustments to their cars. Cub scouts busily made last-minute adjustments, adding graphite to the wheel axels (as lubricant), adjusting wheel alignments, and fine tuning their weight to get the cars as close to the maximum five ounce allowable weight.

The final stage was an inspection for size to make sure the cars would travel down the track before they were placed in the pit.

While the scouts made final adjustments and registered their cars, the Boy Scouts and troop leaders worked to get the track ready. After several test runs, Ross made the announcement, “We are experiencing problems with the timer. I need three scout volunteers to judge the race finish line.”

With the track tested and ready to go and the judges set to watch and Ross called out, “Ready, start, go.”

Beginning with the youngest group, the Tiger Cubs, they lined the tracks to watch their cars roll over the finish line. The sounds of the plastic wheels rumbling down the aluminum track the fastest cars continued to be recognized by the judges.

“Number 18, 7, 24 in that order,” were frequent calls to the score keepers to determine the winners.

When the Tigers finished, the winners were Price Wylie in first place, followed by Vincino Chappas in second with Jackson Fields.

The Wolf group was the next to roll off. Winning the Wolf den group was Hayden Allen. followed in second by Cole Davis with Matthew Rice in third.

The third division racers were the Bear Cub scouts. Top racer was Aaron Schroeder, with Joseph Benito in second and third place going to Ethan Schroeder.

The final division to race was the WEBLOS. J,T, Kepler’s car held out through the heats to emerge as the first place winner. Ethan Carlino held on for a close second followed by Hayden Ansel for third place.

The final race for the Cub Scouts was by far the fastest car in the pack. After the fastest in the pack heats competed, J.T Knepler’s entry was the first across the finish line. Hayden was a close second followed by Price Wylie.

Observing the race was Southern Star District Executive Reese Hanson.

“These events are good for the scouts and their families,” Hanson said. “It helps build good quality family time as the scouts and their parent work to build a car the scouts are proud of to show off to their friends.”

Hanson was also complimentary of the hosting troop saying,

“This is a great opportunity for the boys to work on their leadership skills and show the cubs what scouting is all about. Some of these boys have helped with the cubs for many years, including one who has worked with the WEBLOS since they were Tiger Cub Scouts.

The race continued through the afternoon with the outlaw class running.

“The outlaws are for older scouts and adults that have an old car that was a winner in the day or just want to try their hand at reliving the experience of building another winner,” Scoutmaster John Knepler said.

Knepler and the race committee wanted to express their thanks to Troop 234 for hosting the event and their sponsors Knights Rides, Carlisle Chevrolet, Woodmen Of The World, Papa Johns Pizza, Chicken Express and Dickie's Bar-B-Que.