To the Editor,

I would like to express my gratitude to the entire community of Waxahachie for the out pouring of sympathy, encouragement, well wishes and prayers for our family during my father, N.B. (Buck) Jordanís illness and his passing. The lines of people who came out during the visitation was tremendous and showed just how much Waxahachie cared for my father.

I especially want to thank Neal White and his staff for their incredible articles in The Daily Light in honor of Dad. My thanks to Jim Phillips and Ken Roberts of KBEC for donating an hour of radio broadcast time to talk and pay tribute to Dad. It is something I will never forget and canít wait to get a copy to listen to.

There are still so many people to thank, Wayne Boze and Brad Shotts of Wayne Boze Funeral Home, Pleasant Manor Nursing Home, Family First Hospice, the city of Waxahachie, and the Civic Center staff

I want to thank the following people, the speakers at the memorial service, Kevin Strength, Congressman Joe Barton and the Rev. Walter Buchanan. Pallbearers and honorary pallbearers, Paul Stephens, Chuck Beatty, Mark Wray, Mark and George Singleton, Shaun Dunn, Justin Wakeland, Phil Reynolds, Dr. Sonny Roye, Gary Cantrell and especially Jerry Roberts my Dadís oldest friend. I know there are others to thank and probably too many to mention here, so I apologize if I missed anyone.

Mom, Jeff and I along with our families thank you all for everything. Dad will be missed as a husband, a father, a grandfather,† great-grandfather, uncle, friend and community leader who loved his family and Waxahachie with all his heart.

Thank you,

Nick Jordan,

on behalf of the family of ĎN.B. ĎBuckí Jordan