Because of an increase of patients presenting the flu or flu-like symptoms, Baylor Health Care System activated a Code Yellow emergency operation plan on Thursday.

A Code Yellow has four levels of activation, with “level one” considered the most urgent. This Code Yellow, a “level three” a pro-active alert which is designed to allow the system to streamline requests for resources like medication and supplies, said Julie Smith, spokeswoman for the system.

"Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie is effectively managing the need for additional staff and supplies to accommodate the influx of patients presenting flu or flu-like symptoms," Smith said. "To this point, no surgery schedules have been impacted."

Earlier this month, The Waxahachie Daily Light reported that Ellis County had seen an increase in flu activity, according to the flu surveillance report by Texas Department of State Health Services.

However, the exact number of confirmed cases in the county weren’t available, said Leigh Nordstrom in the article. She is the Ellis County Health Advisor and doctor at Baylor Family Medical Center in Midlothian.

“It’s not a reportable disease and we get a general idea from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and just from our clinics in general that we’re seeing more flu cases,” Nordstrom said.

By state law, the number of flu cases and adult flu deaths are not reportable, but hospitals can voluntarily report the number of influenza tests done and flu-related deaths for children under 18, according to the DSHS report. However, a report by the CDC does consider flu in Texas to by widespread.

Spokeswoman Julie Martin said she couldn't comment on the Code Yellow and said Baylor Health Services is handling media inquiries.