HARLINGEN, Texas — Senator Wendy Davis Wednesday unveiled the second piece of her education policy platform at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen. “Great Pathways: Great Texas” is the second in a number of education policy proposals from Senator Davis.

“Every Texan who continues their education beyond high school makes every Texas family stronger and the Texas economy stronger,” said Senator Davis. “Despite Texas’ growth and job creation, today 20 percent of Texas students receive a college degree or professional certification. To expand our economic success, as Governor I will work to raise that number to 50 percent.

“My path was certainly not a traditional one – and it is inextricably linked to education. We want all students to not just be college-ready but college-proven.

“Great Pathways: Great Texas” contains four common sense reforms:

1. Double the number of Early College High School Campuses statewide, ensuring that students throughout Texas have access to academically rigorous environments and can earn college credit as early as 9th grade.

2. Double the number of hours of college credit Texas high school students earn each year to ensure that Texas students are not just college ready, but college-proven.

3. Create a grant program under the Texas Education Agency to offset costs to students so that cost is not a barrier to accessing early college options.

4. Encourage school districts to develop collaborative partnerships with local institutions of higher learning to create college-proven students.

Last week Senator Davis released “Great Teachers: Great Texas,” her plan to develop, recruit, and retain quality Texas teachers.