To the Editor,

I am extremely concerned by the lack of service by the city of Waxahachie for the removal of all of the tree limbs that fell during the last ice storm that occurred around Thanksgiving 2013. It is now the middle of January 2014 and there is no plan for the pick up of tree limbs according to the city of Waxahachie and the trash removal service. I have contacted the city several times and have been told that there are currently no plans to help pick up the tree limbs in the residential areas. The representative told me that it is the trash departmentís responsibility and even if the trash department asked for the cityís help, that there would be no plans to pick up these limbs for at least a month or two. They then recommend that you call the trash service and get your name on the ďlist,Ē but when you call the trash collection, they have no list! Therefore, you canít be put on the list, you canít be moved up on the list and you canít recommend streets for collection to add to the list because there is no list!

In addition, the trash department also states that they have had so much collection that they are concentrating on Brown, Highway 77 and Marvin. Well if you drive up and down these streets, there is little to no collection needed. And there hasnít been in some time. Itís not like they just picked it up last week. On the contrary, there are two older neighborhoods that have gigantic trees in town. That is Chapman Park located behind Vintage Bank and the neighborhood by SAGU. These homes have trees at least 50 years old. Many of these trees were damaged tremendously and there is a vast amount of limbs that fell during the ice storm. Most of these homes are owned by the original owners meaning they are at least in their 80ís. Loading limbs on a trailer, carting it off to the dump and unloading the limbs is not even a possibility. I understand it is an option, but that isnít always an actual choice. Now we have personally carted off several trailers only to have several trailers still to go. The trash trucks can come in and pick these limbs up with machinery and have them carted off in no time. Additionally, my large collection in front of my house has somehow become the neighborhood drop off spot. The pile has gotten so big that we could start our own bonfire. Which if it was safe and legal would seem like a perfect solution at the moment.

I personally live in Chapman Park and have driven the streets. There are seven streets with at least 37 houses that have limbs still waiting for collection. This neighborhood is not large and the collection would be quick. Unfortunately, I believe that no one has even considered coming to this neighborhood even with my repeated phone calls. Why doesnít anyone think about cleaning up the neighborhoods that actually have large trees? The newer neighborhoods have small trees, if any. There was little damage to those areas. Additionally, why doesnít anyone think about older people being in these neighborhoods? They have pride in their neighborhood and usually have clean and tidy yards. They try hard to keep the neighborhood looking good. These limbs are too much for them. They have worked hard to clean their yards and make piles for the city. These piles have now been here so long that there is no telling what is living inside them. Plus, their yards are dying with the limbs covering them. Why doesnít anyone want to help? When I contacted the trash department, they said they are weeks to months out from being in our residential area because of the concentration of the major streets I already mentioned. Really? Where are you all day? What area are you picking up that has large trees that did actual damage? I drove the streets of Waxahachie during the Christmas holidays to see the Christmas lights and it seems to me that the majority of the damage was located in our neighborhood. In one day our neighborhood could be cleaned up, yet the city of Waxahachie and the trash department seem to either not communicate or are playing the excuse game. All we need is for the limbs to be picked up!

Cathy Bates,