AUSTIN — The Jerry Patterson campaign announced the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Dick Armey (R-Texas), the former House Majority Leader and one of the chief architects of the Republican Revolution in the 1990’s. Congressman Armey made the following statement:

“I am proudly supporting Jerry Patterson for Lieutenant Governor as a bold leader, a fearless champion for conservative goals and a proven statesman who will keep Texas strong against the threats from Washington, D.C.

“Since retiring from public office, I have worked hard to support true conservatives who will fight back against the exploding growth of federal and state bureaucracy. Jerry Patterson is a true hero to Texas conservatives. He’s a man who has always fought to expand liberty and limit the scope and power of government. He is exactly the man we need in Austin to fight for freedom and defend our Texas economy.

“I encourage all Texas conservatives across the Lone Star State to give Jerry your full support in this campaign. Donate generously to his effort, provide him with the reinforcements and volunteer power to achieve victory, and cast your vote for Jerry Patterson in the March 2014 Republican Primary. Help us keep Texas a free and prosperous state for generations to come.”

Commissioner Jerry Patterson thanked former Majority Leader Armey for his endorsement and said, “I’m greatly honored by Congressman Armey’s endorsement. As one of the most influential Texas members of Congress, he stood up and took the fight straight to the liberals and his vision helped establish new leaders in the conservative movement. His support is greatly appreciated!”