To the Editor,

Is the Republican Party dead in Ellis county? Or should it just rename itself and be what it presents itself to be in recent letters to the editor and yard signs? Tea Party. Conservative Or Nothing Party. How about Cannibalize Anyone Different Party? Maybe the Let’s Return to 1912 Values Instead of Dealing With 2O14 Reality Party. Or even the We Say We’re Inclusive But Our Policies Say Otherwise Party. Or the I Say I Am Republican Just To Get Elected Party.

Instead of hiding behind the label, how about a candidate tell us why we should vote for them. Could it be that some candidates are relying on the voters’ laziness and ignorance to get elected? they think that since most of Ellis County votes Republican and votes a straight ticket that all they have to do is ride the elephant to election instead of running on specific actions that will improve our county and towns.

Signs on the roadsides and in yards that tells us what the candidates are for is only the first step. How they will get things done is another matter. What makes them more a “true” this or that than the current office holder? We know about the conduct of the incumbents already.  What the challenger to the seat will bring or can do is more important than just being different. Using childish attempts to engage  a voters base emotions instead of relating to the adult voters higher power of reasoning reflects much of what the candidate thinks of the voter. Just holding a banner will not get the job done. Another pitchfork or torch within the mob will not effectively  improve government. Intelligent action will.

Politics is not for the unqualified. Government does not improve by putting bush league players on a major league fields. Someone running only as an alternative personage instead of as someone better qualified or having distinctly better ideas is change for changes sake and not someone that will benefit any of us, regardless of party.

Unlike what is being presented by the local Republican office seekers, we need people that will not use government office to push an agenda exclusive to the party, or philosophy they belong to. We need to elect people who will be accountable to the least influential citizen as well as to the most influential. Because when the government is responsive only to those that have the influence through monetary reasons or favorable relationships with those in power, then government is not of benefit to anyone. And what they call themselves really doesn’t matter.

When voting,  please consider  how the candidate is running their campaign. Most often it is a telling sign of what is to come if they are elected. Will they be of service to the people? Or only to themselves and their political dogma. Will they hear the voice of the people? Or only the commands of their party elite?

I know that most of the voters in Ellis County  are politically astute. So why the elementary campaigning by the Republicans?  

We deserve better. Vote Democratic.

Alan Fox,