AUSTIN, Texas —  Monday, the Jerry Patterson campaign announced the endorsement of former Texas Workforce Commissioner Chairman Tom Pauken. In making the announcement, the campaign released the following statement from Chairman Pauken:

“Jerry Patterson is a fearless Texas leader who has a proven history of uniting legislators behind important goals. He authored and passed the Texas Concealed Handgun Law and legislation that established the Texas Veterans’ Home Program. In the last legislative session, Jerry was supportive of efforts that I worked on to encourage more opportunities for vocational education and the beginning of a return to local control of education. His style of leadership not only grows legislative success — it grows our conservative movement.

“Jerry is a man who I trust will remain solely focused on serving Texas, limiting the size and scope of government and bringing Texans together for the good of our country. I am proud to endorse him today as the best, conservative, constitutional candidate to serve Texas as our next Lieutenant Governor.”

Commissioner Jerry Patterson thanked Pauken for his endorsement and said, “It is an honor to have earned Chairman Pauken’s endorsement in this race and I thank him for his years of friendship and service to Texas and our conservative movement. With 50 days to go until the March Primary Election, our campaign is succeeding more strongly every day and the momentum continues to grow. I’m deeply grateful to Tom Pauken for his support.”