To the Editor,

As 2013 drew to an end, and we prepare to open a new chapter on 2014, we give pause to reflect on another year gone swiftly by. Our first year proved to be an amazing journey of ups and downs, hard work, and sacrifice, and it has been a joy to watch our team learn and grow in this fast-paced environment. Even more inspiring, however, were the efforts of our citizens’ right here at home. Their diligent recycling efforts and desire to give back to their community truly made 2013 a shining success. So, I would like to take this opportunity to share with the community some of the results and, above all, say thank you for all of your hard work. In 2013 our community recycled:

• 132,000 pounds of aluminum cans valued at $71,000

• 2,000,000 pounds of scrap metal and iron valued at $135,000

• 12,600 pounds of pecans valued at $5,400, and

• 7,000 pounds of computers valued at $1,300

Recycling nearly 2.2 million pounds in our community last year is an incredible accomplishment worthy of praise. Now, we look to the future and set our sights even higher for 2014. As the message spreads, and more people learn about what valuable items can be kept out of our landfills and sold for scrap metal instead, we expect these numbers to go nowhere but up.

As for December, it was another great month. Steel was up, aluminum fared well, and copper began to rise towards the second half. We continue to see a lot of Christmas lights and artificial trees come through our doors as folks are packing up the decorations for one more year.

The recent cold fronts slowed the volume in aluminum cans temporarily. However, these numbers came roaring back with the warmer weather, coming in just shy of 14,000 pounds for December. Finally, in the lead once again was scrap metal and iron finishing up with a total of 260,000 pounds for the month.

As always, thank you for supporting us and recycling your scrap metal. If you have questions about recycling efforts around town, want to get involved, or just aren’t sure if you can recycle what you have, feel free to call us at 972-921-1604 or email us at

Best of luck in your upcoming ventures in 2014!

Craig Hargrove

Frank’s Urban Collection