A man who walked seven miles to Waxahachie from Rockett twice a week for the last six weeks is now asking 20 people to join him.

Forest Fife, a Rockett resident, said wants people to walk with him for two days as a way to either maintain health or start getting fit, he said. The walk will take place on Feb. 8 and Feb. 14. There’s no entry fee, and the event is open to anyone.

“I was sitting at a restaurant when two teen-aged waitresses said ‘You walked here? No way,’” Fife said. “The old men that were sitting with me said ‘Let’s just do a Valentine’s walk to show them.’ So that’s what got this started.”

People came to him soon after he started spreading the word, and because Feb. 14 is a Friday, he said people mentioned it would be hard to attend because of work. So he added Feb. 8.

“I hope that out of 20 people, at least 10 people come back, look me straight in the eye and say ‘I feel different,’ because I do,” he said. “I feel just energetic.”

Though Fife has been made this walk frequently, and said he’s lost weight with the exercise, he said he hasn’t stepped on a scale to see how much.

“All I know, is that when you get older — and I don’t care if you drink beer or not, I don’t — but I had a belly,” he said. “Anything I did — push-ups, sit-ups — never pulled it off. But within three or four walks, it just disappeared.”

The group will start at 10 a.m. and travel up Farm-to-Market 813 to Butcher Road and up to U.S. Highway 77 on each day of the walk, Fife said.

As walkers reach Waxahachie, they’ll have a chance to receive a free meal from Jack-in-the-Box, Long John Silver’s, Panda Express, Ryan’s, Taco Cabana and Taco Bueno.

“I personally see it as a really good experience and it brings the community together,” said Scarlet Flores, Panda Express general manager. “It also gives the restaurants a chance to help out people.”

Panda Express will give two meals, while Jack-in-the-Box and Taco Bueno each give five and Long John Silver’s and Ryan’s donates two each. How many meals Taco Cabana would give wasn’t available by press time.

“It’s a great idea,” Zoraida Gomez, general manager at Jack-in-the-Box said. “It’s nothing compared to what they’re doing, walking all this way to Waxahachie.”

To sign-up or to find out more information on the health walk, contact Fife at 972-935-2221.