EDITOR’S NOTE: The Daily Light publishes campaign announcements for all candidates running in Ellis County races. Announcements are submitted by the candidate and published as submitted.

Ennis resident Dr. David Gardner has announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Ellis County Commissioner, Precinct Two in the March 4, 2014 Primary Election. In his announcement, Dr. Gardner emphasized the need for change in the Commissioners’ Court.

“The time is right for me to serve the citizens of Precinct 2 and Ellis County. Citizens need a more responsive local government than we currently have. Not only do they want to be heard, but they want their local government to vote according to the will of the people.”

He went on to say he believes his experience in healthcare, public safety and business will benefit citizens of Ellis County with regard to the challenges and issues the County and Commissioners’ Court are facing.

“As a physician, an Ellis County Sheriff’s Deputy, small business owner, board member and volunteer, I have had the opportunity to see many sides of Ellis County. My experience in these areas will provide a new perspective to the Commissioners’ Court. The common denominator in the different careers I’ve had is the need to listen to a person’s concerns and then work to find a resolution. I believe government at every level needs to get back to listening to the people.”

Currently, Gardner divides his time between the Sheriff’s Office, his business and some consulting work. However, it is obvious while talking to him that his passion is in the work he does at the Sheriff’s office, assisting both citizens

and fellow deputies. Having a servant’s heart is not only at the core of who he is, but the idea of service to others has changed his path several times. This is evident when he discusses his various career paths.

“I have always been interested in service and have always looked for this opportunity regardless of my employment or involvement in activities. The idea of service or being able to contribute something to others is what has led me to everything in my life that I enjoy today. I am not a Politician. I am just like the residents of Precinct Two and Ellis County whom I plan to represent. As a husband, father, church member, taxpayer and property owner, I know how the decisions at all levels of government affect our lives. I have considered running for political office several times in my life, but each time I found that I could make more of a difference by continuing in my current work. When this opportunity presented itself Darla, my wife, and I along with my two children discussed my running for public office and we agreed as a family that this was the time. Personally, I felt there was no better way to serve my community than to become involved, listen to their concerns and make county government work for them.”

Gardner’s experience in the business sector varies from a small locally owned shop to big corporations. This experience has allowed him to make successful decisions in regard to logistics, personnel, budgets and long term strategic planning. He believes this experience fits well with the mission of the Commissioners’ Court.

“I plan on using my experience as well as any other available resource to be the best voice for those that I represent. The Commissioners’ Court is an extension of the State. It receives it’s executive, legislative and judicial powers by the Texas Constitution and State Legislative action. It is also limited in it’s authority by the same. With this mind, we evoke change by the manner in which we conduct this business. To serve the residents of Ellis County best, we must apply strong conservative fiscal policy to our decisions and efficiency in our actions. We must act as citizens do in their own home by spending money wisely and reducing debt. We must make decisions in a timely manner not employing expensive consultants and outside advisors on issues that have been previously researched. A more efficient use of time and better use of tax dollars would be to access the previously published research and evaluate how it could be applied in Ellis County. We are elected to be good stewards over tax dollars and make decisions that provide for the best outcome or resolution for the residents of the county with the smallest use of their tax dollars.”

When asked what prompted him to run for this office now. He responded with the following.

“I disagree with decisions that have been made by our current Commissioners’ Court and rather than only discuss these decisions with family, friends and neighbors with no change in the outcome. I felt the right thing to do is get involved and try to change not only the decisions made by the court, but the way in which those decisions are made. The ability for any citizen to get involved is at the heart of what makes this country great. I ask for your support in my campaign for the Republican Nomination, in the March Primary Election. Please join my effort to put The People back in government.”

For more information about David Gardner and his campaign, please visit www.electdavidgardner.org.