To the Editor,     

This is not a defense of, nor a critique of, nor a rebuttal of the printed observations of Charles Darwin, with all of the developments since he published his works more than a century ago. Rather, it is an admission that nobody in the year 2014 in the United States of America can talk about this subject free of the baggage of the culture wars, the Scopes Trial intimidation of worshippers of the Sovereign Creator, and so many other distractions from one important question, which is “Exactly which version of ‘evolution’ are we talking about?”  

Without asking this question, none of us are being fair to the subject at all.

Those of us who are confident that there is an Eternal Who having revealed Himself to the hearts and minds of His people, have different opinions of what we mean by the term “creation.” We are sure that all things exist by Him Who is our Creator, which pretty much makes us “creationists.” Yet, some would agree with Evangelical Christian Francis Collins who was head of the Human Genome Project that the method of causing all living things to grow and develop on planet Earth was evolution; others would believe that evolution is limited to adjustments within already distinct species, because they see the invention by humans in the image of God as something that probably didn’t happen via evolution; others believe that the entirety of the vast universe, including  all of the solar system and mankind’s home all started in six 24-hour days which amount to the Biblical chronology plus six days.

There is also much room for diverse thought among the majority of scientists, (including many devout Christians), who tell us that some version of evolution explains the development of life on planet Earth. Some see it as happening almost entirely gradually, and others, with great periods where rapidly transformed life forms came into being in a relatively brief amount time, considered pre-history.

My point is that just throwing out the word “evolution,” or throwing out the word “creation” isn’t fair as a way of communicating what one is for or not for. A strong believer in the Creator God can be NOT a believer that God gave His holy revelation as scientific data; finally, some who embrace “Creation Science” are Old Earth and others Young Earth Creation Scientists. A thinking person, believe it or not, can learn something from everyone who presents a case for their philosophy of science, even when we don’t fully agree!

Evolution can mean a philosophy of atheism, as it clearly does for Professor Richard Dawkins, who abuses science, in my view, and hides behind it, for the satisfaction of his ego, and a fraudulent polemic against Christians and others who affirm that God Is. Also, evolution can be described by Francis Collins in majestic terms that compel him to be filled with awe at the Creator, Redeemer and Ruler.  So, which evolution are we talking about?

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,