To the Editor,

Saying  “Keep Texas Conservative” does not make it so!??The new members of the Ellis County Republican Executive Committee look like they may have a rough go of it.

The new year begins with only 18 of 49 precincts having a Chair signed up to run, and only 1 of the 49 precincts had more than one individual signed up to run for Precinct Chairman that will be on the Primary Ballot this March.??

A look across town finds the Democratic Party having 30 of their 49 precincts with a Chairman at the helm for the coming election cycle.

So what’s that about???I know that less than 25 percent of our county residents are registered Democrats.

So is their cause of greater worth. Are they tired of having less of what they want and need? What is their motivation? And what is the focus of the other 75 percent of Ellis County Citizens???

Will anyone notice that there are fewer and fewer individuals willing to “get involved”? What is missing? Are we overwhelmed? ?Do we have a just and worthy cause or have we come to a point where we are used up and are turning into isolated entities instead of members of a community? ??

Here it is, January 2014. Having done my best at for District 10, a position I felt needed a “citizen” instead of an attorney, businessman or politician.

I looked at the list of individuals that had signed up to serve there community and political party and discovered these unexplained numbers.??I was concerned and I am concerned. In fact, I saw that there was only one individual running for the significant position of Republican County Chairman.??

I could not just let one individual (new to the area and the position) step into the “Chairman’s” position, without a challenge.??I am challenging Ellis County citizens to step up and get involved! If not in the Republican Party, at least get involve and be an activist in your community or! in a cause that you value.??

James Beldon Parker,

Candidate?Ellis County GOP chairman