If I Sign Up For Marketplace Insurance, Can I Keep My Doctor?

When it comes to purchasing a plan on the federal marketplace, one important question is on everyone’s mind: Can I keep my doctor or go to my neighborhood hospital?

This installment of Texas Medical Association’s (TMA’s) “Hey, Doc” weekly education campaign explains why the answer to that question is best summed up as … maybe.

Can I keep my doctor or go to my neighborhood hospital when I sign up for marketplace insurance?


Not all doctors and hospitals are participating in the marketplace.

So keeping your doctor or local hospital depends mostly on the insurance plan you choose.

And remember that not all plans have the same networks, and it varies by region.

So before you buy, it’s a good idea to check not just the costs of the plans but also whether your doctor and hospital are in the plan’s network if you want to keep them.

If your doctor and hospital are in your plan’s network, then chances are you can still get your care from them.

If your doctor or hospital is not participating in your plan network, then you’ll probably have to pay more out of pocket to continue seeing them.

That’s because most marketplace insurance plans require you to use the doctors and hospitals in their networks. So you’ll have to decide what’s affordable for you.

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