To the Editor,

We have a void where Buck Jordan stood. Now matter how hard we try to fill that space, it will never be the same. Those shoes will always be too big.† That chair will always have extra room. And our voices shall never be heard as far as his.

The last time I saw Buck was a few weeks ago. I went over and shook his hand. He asked me how I was doing. This coming from a man dealing with cancer and facing his own mortality. Yet he was more concerned with anotherís well being before that of his own. That is just how he was.

I cannot express in words what that meant to me. I can only hope to follow what he showed not only to myself but to our whole town. That we can make a difference and lead the way by putting others first.

We have work to do though. Each of us wishing to honor Buck should follow his example of civic involvement and personal grace. It begins with everyone taking a step forward. A giant one. Then maybe, just maybe, we assembled as a community might fill that cavernous space where only one man stood before.

I have a feeling he would like that.

Alan Fox,