AUSTIN, Texas – Texas’ military forces have played an important role in protecting and defending our freedom. Unfortunately, Washington’s commitment to our military forces is waning, especially today under an administration that has targeted the Department of Defense budget for spending cuts. These cuts could affect the U.S. troops assigned at the 15 military facilities based in Texas.

As Governor, Greg Abbott will ensure Texas is aggressive and proactive in battling defense cuts that could harm our military and will work to protect our military communities. Abbott outlined three actions he would take as Governor to protect Texas’ military bases and forces:

• Establish the Texas Military Preparedness Commission as a separate office within the governor’s office and appoint a full-time, knowledgeable military advisory to coordinate with our local and base community leaders to ensure we have a strategic plan for Texas installations.

• Ask the Legislature for the resources needed to protect our military communities.

• Work with community and military base leaders to develop a strategic plan to enhance Texas military facilities, whether it is improving infrastructure, job training or educational opportunities for military families.

“Military facilities have an immense impact on the Texas economy,”Abbott said. “Texans are proud to host these installations, and we will work to keep them here. No state offers greater support for the mission of the military, and its servicemen and women, than Texas. I will keep it that way.”