The Waxahachie City Council accepted the bid from Circle H Contractors for the second phase of the Robert W. Sokoll Water Treatment Plant in the amount of $1,085, 280.86 at its Monday night meeting. Circle H was one of six contractors that bid on the project.

“The project will consist of approximately 3.300 linear-feet of new water transmission mains with sizes ranging from eight inches in diameter to 42 inches in diameter. This project will begin south of Alton Adams Drive of U.S. Highway 77 where it will connect to the existing 42-inch diameter transmission line from the Sokoll Water Treatment Plant,” Director of Utilities David Bailey said. “It will then proceed south to Butcher Road then west to the Quik Trip site were it will connect to an existing 18 inch diameter main.”

Bailey said approximately 495 linear-feet of the existing eight inch water line will be replaced with an 18-inch diameter transmission main along the south frontage road of Farm-to-Market 387. It will then connect with a 12-inch water line crossing Interstate Highway 35E at Farm-to-Market 387.

The Sokoll Water Treatment Plant can distribute approximately 2.9 million gallons per day into the city’s water system. When the upgrades to the system are complete, the water plant will be able to distribute 6.3 million gallons of water per day.

The project is 180-day project and it is expected to begin in early March.

Circle H Contractors has done other projects in the city that include the Northeast Truck Sewer Line project and the Grove Creek sewer project.

The council also approved a chapter 380 agreement with Duke Realty for the construction of a medical office building on the new Baylor Medical Center campus located on the northeast corner of Interstate Highway 35E and U.S. Highway 287. The medical office building will be located on the northwest side of the campus.

“The city council approved a letter of intent to provide incentives to Duke Realty for the construction of a medical office building adjacent to the hospital,” Assistant City Manager Michael Scott said. “The purpose of the building was to assist the hospital in its efforts of new doctor recruitment and bridge the gap between the construction and operating and what the market would bear in tenant lease rates.”

Scott explained that the agreement provides for $4 per square foot tax abatement from the city for Duke Realty, who will pass that savings on to the tenants by lowering their rent. The agreement sets the incentive to be applied once the first tenant signs its lease with a limit of five years and a cap of $1.5 million in abated cost. The tax abatement will be for a period of five years and will start when the first tenant signs their lease at the medical office building.

Construction on the $11 million building is expected to start in the first quarter of 2014. The medical office building will be 71,701 square feet and it is estimated that around 50,000-55,000 square feet will be occupied when it opens. Both the six-story hospital and the medical office building are on track to be completed in late 2014.