To the Editor,

One of the things that I have come to appreciate in American political dialog is when those who are usually on the government’s side of everything will actually take the time to explain themselves. Michael Moore, in a recent “New York Times” article, agreed with conservatives that Obamacare is aweful. Those of us who hope to see America move toward greater constitutional life and liberty, greater respect for the balance of powers, and greater dependence on the genius of we, the people to solve more of our community problems, agree with Mr. Moore that his party’s abuse of America’s healthcare is aweful. We disagree about why Obamacare is not good, however. Moore thinks that the Democrats should have fought for a single payer system from the gitgo. (Had they done that, ironically, the Republicans might have won both houses in 2010, so it sounds like an attractive bit of “what if this had happened?” in retrospect, because Obamacare would have been put out of the nation’s misery. Sadly, we rarely get do-overs.)

Moore thinks that it’s evil for any private pharmaceutical company to make a profit. (Of course, he certainly doesn’t deny the right to make a profit to the Hollywood film industry! That’s a given that actors and actresses should be fabulously rewarded.) But, I digress. Moore blames the Democrats for not utterly destroying free enterprise completely in their takeover of American healthcare. They not only left profiteers in place, Obama generously gave tremendous benefits to those executives who chose to abandon the ethics of free market competition and help him pad their corporate bins. So, he and the Democrats produced a corrupt hybrid that isn’t really describable. Neither is it very much of a benefit to as many real people outside of the President’s bribery committee as it is a source of endangerment for those who thought they could keep their plan and their doctor. I thank Moore for being a rare liberal to tell the truth about what has happened. (Where was he last year? Oh, well, better late than never).

Moore, like most Democrats, wants to copy Canada and much of Europe, who he thinks we Americans are “behind.” He wants almost everybody’s health expenses to be paid for by the central authority, with tight restrictions on elibiligility for treatments. (Moore doesn’t criticize the “death panels” at all. He agrees with Obamacare that beaurocrats have to be hired to cut people off who have outlived their usefulness in this world.)  Moore would still be able to obtain the very capitalist healthcare benefits that he condemns, of course, but us little folks would finally be “taken care of.” I think Mr. Moore is right that the mis-labelled “Affordable Care Act” is truly aweful in a thousand ways, but it’s not because of TOO LITTLE GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT. He’s got that part in reverse of the truth.

Paul Richard Strange, Sr.,