Many people have described Buck Jordan as a person who wore many hats but still made time for everyone. Jordan had a deep love for the city of Waxahachie and dedicated his life to its success.

Jordan, 81, passed away Monday morning and left behind a legacy of public service and self-sacrifice. During his time here in Waxahachie, Jordan served as the president of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, city councilman, mayor and served on numerous boards and commissions.

“I was thrilled to get to know him so much better over the course of the last five and a half years that we served on the city council together. He was always very supportive of me at the city council level and in life generally,” Waxahachie Mayor John Wray said. “As mayor I always try to follow his example. He was always very good about acknowledging the contributions and efforts that everyone made in order to help keep our city and community moving forward. He was just a dear friend. I will greatly miss him.”

Wray said Jordan had an earnest love for the community and was a tireless worker who wanted the best for Waxahachie. Wray added that he wanted to offer his condolences to his family, and noted that the community will sourly miss Jordan.

City Councilman Mark Singleton not only worked with Jordan at city hall but also on the board at Citizens National Bank. Singleton credits Jordan for putting him on the path of service to the community.

“He has been a mentor and has been a very good friend. I have known Buck for a long time. Buck was still at the Chamber of Commerce when I was still in college. He got up every morning and worked really hard to make this place better than it was the day before,” Singleton said. “He was just a great guy. He really believed that he could make a difference and he did. I think that he is going to be greatly missed.”

President and CEO of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce Debra Wakeland said Jordan would be remembered for not only the impact he made on the community but his impact on the people in the community.

“Buck Jordan will be remembered for the things he accomplished, I can’t even begin to list his life achievements. I can certainly say that I have always been very proud to sit behind the desk that Buck Jordan used as he served the Waxahachie Chamber and Convention and Visitors Bureau, as the President and CEO,” Wakeland said. “I first met Buck in 1984 I lost my dad in 1983, and he stepped into that roll, as well as mentor, advisor and friend. Buck worked hard and played hard too, he taught me to play golf, we won many tournaments together; he exuded tolerance and embraced change and new experiences.”

Wakeland said that people die only when we forget them, “My Mother explained shortly before she left me last year. ‘If you can remember me, I will always be with you.’ I will remember Buck forever,” Wakeland said.

City Manager Paul Stevens worked very closely with Jordan at city hall. When Stevens first came to the city Jordan was one of the first people he met.

“When I first came here Bob Sokoll the city manager took me around to meet the people that I needed to know and Buck was one of the first stops. I remember sitting in his office and talking about economic development and what the chamber had done in the past. The next day he took me to a Lions Club meeting and made sure that I had become a member,” Stevens said. “The thing about Buck is that he was really humbled to be a city council member and when he was mayor he was very humbled by that. It was just a tremendous honor for him to do something like that and continue to give to his community.”

Stevens said he never took his civic duty lightly and every decision he made was the best for the city. He loved Waxahachie and he worked hard for it. Stevens added that all of us are better for him being a part of our lives.

Assistant City Manager Michael Scott said Jordan impacted many lives in the community through his involvement in so many different community organizations. The efforts and decisions made by Jordan impacted many people in the city, some of whom didn’t know who he was, Scott said.

“Buck never missed an opportunity to complement the staff and to say how much he loved Waxahachie. He served two weeks prior to his death. He was at events around the community,” Scott said. “I really look at Buck as a friend and a confidant on city council. We are just going to miss him.”

City Councilman Chuck Beatty said Jordan and former city councilor and Mayor George Brown were two role models that he looked up to.

“Buck was a father figure to me, he and George. They were two people that cared about the city,” Beatty said. “He was a good statesman and showed everybody what Waxahachie was all about and put it on the map. He lived up to what he did for the city. I am going to miss Buck. It is a great loss for the city.”