To the Editor,

This is an open letter to State Rep. James R. “Jim” Pitts, R-Waxahachie.

Mr. Pitts has been our State Representative since January 1993, a span of over 20 years, a lot of hard work and dedication to a job “well done.” He is well educated, from good old SMU in Dallas, holding three degrees, and has served on many committees in the State Legislature. He currently serves as House Appropriations Chairman and holds several awards, too many to list.

We would love to have Rep. Pitts tour our facility at Renfro Nursing Home, one of the older buildings but still housing over 90 residents, a tribute to management’s ability to keep it open under state guidelines.

Waxahachie will soon have a new hospital which will carry many more patients than the current facility. It will be up to Renfro’s management to compete for this new business in the area. I’m sure it will be up for the task.

One of the problems that residents have on a statewide basis is the amount of spending money they have each month from their Social Security or disability checks. Come on guys, think about it. Under the current economy, $60 a month won’t buy you a Coke and a candy bar on a daily basis. If you want a hamburger or a taco from outside the facility, you’ve “blown” your budget for the month. Let’s not even mention a “haircut” for the men, or a “shampoo and set” for the ladies or a trip to the store to gen an occasional shirt or pair of house shoes. Wow! Sixty dollars, we’re rich! Come on, Legislatures, introduce us a bill to increase our spending money. We’ll put it back in circulation and help local merchants, aka Ronald Reagan and his Reaganomics.

The younger generation doesn’t realize the pressure a senior citizen has, especially when a spouse gets sick and all their savings are “eaten up” with medical bills. Our older generation should not have to worry about money, especially looking for a quarter to have enough money to buy a Coke or candy bar from their $60 allowance. We urge Mr. Pitts to think of us when you vote or spend money on “pork barrel” to get a bill through that means nothing to the people. Come on, Legislature, let’s do it, you all will be “old” like us someday.

Jerry Randall,

Renfro Nursing Home resident