To the Editor,

And so they continue.

We have those who still think if anyone who supports a woman having a constitutionally sound freedom is also for killing babies. To even try to connect the two is totally below the token intelligence of anyone. It is just lazy thinking. Get real already.

Abortion for convenience is not a good thing. Still, it is legal. It is not what many of us would ever consider if put in that position. Yet it is within the individual woman’s constitutional freedom to determine what they will do whether we see it as right or wrong. It is not the job of the government to determine what a person does with what the constitution allows them. Neither is it for a supporter or opponent of a woman’s reproductive sovereignty to decide either. The matter is between the individual and God anyway.

We have the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. No doubt about that. Now by using the same logic and actions as those accusing others of supporting baby killing, and as a comparative example only, we then can assume that we can control how an individual will exercise their right to bear arms. We, by using our government, can make laws to take the power of personal responsibility away from that individual wanting to utilize the Second Amendment. We can determine what barriers to usage the responsible individual must navigate to exercise their right. We can restrict where a person can buy a gun and what qualifications those selling that gun must meet. We can place the hand of the Texas Legislature into the personal gun racks and safes in the home of every Texan. In other words, the government will have control of the freedom. Not the responsible gun owner.

So, now can we also think that anyone that supports the constitutionally sound right to bear arms is for slaughtering innocent school children? Not anymore than those assuming others support killing babies by supporting a woman to determine her own reproduction.  Both assumptions are wrong. And stupid.

I do not expect anyone to think I equate abortion to the Second Amendment. One is an allowance while the other is solid right and both are open to interpretation by the free mind of each citizen. And constitutional. And available to every citizen to use or not as only they determine. Not the government.

There are things constitutional that I don’t like. Abortion being one of them. Still I support our constitution in it’s entirety even with the things I can’t agree with intact. Price of the ticket in being a citizen. Yet still we have those wannabe, self described “Constitutionalists” running for local and national office that seem to want to only adhere to what they determine as “Constitutional” and want to determine that for the rest of us also.

Not while I can still mark a ballot.

Vote for Wendy Davis. She supports the right of the individual to make their own decisions on how to use their freedoms. Not big government like the present state leadership that uses its power to silence the rights of the individual.

Vote for Wendy Davis. Vote Democratic. For a better Texas. And for restoring freedom to all Texans. Every one of us.

Alan Fox,