To the Editor,

After all the work, not to mention the $3 million it’s expected to cost, TxDOT has really done a number on Highway 77. Looks to me we have swapped the devil for the witch! Traffic is more dangerous now than before. People are making u-turns where there are places to cross the highway. Speeders are more than ever, plus there are no efforts by the local police to control any of this. Of course, there is nothing new about that!

I recently read where the city council had entered into another contract with the present chief of police, Mr. Edge, for another three years. This means we are stuck with three more years of nothing from the local police department.

We should dissolve the local police department and turn the entire responsibility for policing the town over to the sheriff’s department. No doubt we would get far better protection than what we presently have. I still would like for the chief of police to report in the WDL what his department does in the community like Sheriff Johnny Brown does. Is this too much to ask?

I’ve heard there is some plan to build another larger police facility … that the present one is too small. What a joke. I dare anyone to find more than one police car on the streets any time, day or night. They’re just not out there. Where are they and what are they doing? Why do they need more space? Do they need more rooms to drink coffee or smoke or what?

If more cars were put on the streets to control all the traffic violations that go on and out of the parking lot, they would have plenty of room.

I’m sure nobody cares what I think; however if a bond election comes up for the above, believe me you ain’t heard the last. We are a bunch of “dupes” to put up with this.

James S. Wilkins,