To the Editor,

Today the President of America made a speech to Americans concerning health care. As he always does he “blew it.” He had a pocket full of excuses (no reasons), nothing giving America confidence in the insurance program he has managed to get the majority of our politicians in D.C. to pass as law.

This is a free country. Give industry back to its investors and they will come up with a solution. We can hold them accountable, by not buying their product. Politicians are not and have never been good business people. If I ran my personal business like the politicians, I would have been broke many years ago and would not have insurance anyhow. To any of our politicians; To balance a budget is simple. If you do not have the money, don’t buy it. Make sure when you set down to make out a yearly budget you do not plan to buy beyond your means.

“America the Beautiful” is looking ugly to the world and to the population. “Stand up America.”

Now, I would like to congratulate James S. Wilkins for his letter “Becoming a police state.” He has in a very short letter hit it right on the head.

This administration and our political (so called) representatives have failed us tremendously and no one is standing against them. They seem to be “the icing on the cake” of politics in America for many, many years.

I realize most of you have watched our decline down a slippery slide. A slide our country has been on for many, many years. The difference today is the angle of that slide is almost straight down.

OK! Your question has to be “what do we do?” First and foremost we need to return to God, put Him back in our schools, government buildings, and most import our hearts. Put prayer back in our daily lives and hold our politicians accountable. God has given us all a mind, hands, feet and mouths so we can represent Him in our country today.

Now, if you do not believe in Jehovah God or His ways I am very sorry. America was built on Christian principles. If you would like to have Jesus as your Master get in touch with anyone you know that does know Him as their Savior.

Paul Davidson,