When Robin Fox went grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon, she had no idea that it would be something she would talk about for weeks to come. Having a stranger pay for her $200 grocery bill changed the course of her afternoon, and will ultimately impact the lives of people around her.

While unloading her cart full of groceries at a local grocery store, a gentleman approached her and said that he wanted to pay for her groceries.

“I was standing there unloading my stuff and talking to the checker,” Fox said. “When out of nowhere this man walked up to me and began to strike up a conversation. He never told me his name, and the only thing I remember about him is the fact that he had a beard.”

The gentleman asked Fox how she was doing. After replying, she turned her attention back to the checker and unloading the rest of her groceries. She said the man continued to stand there, and she tried to figure out if it was someone she knew.

“I kept asking myself if this was someone I should know,” she said. “I thought maybe he was a customer of mine from the paper, but I didn't recognize him.”

The man turned to Fox again and began expressing his thanks for all the blessings he had received in his life.

“He said he was thankful for everything he had been given,” Fox said. “I told him that I was thankful for my blessings too. Then he said, 'I'm buying your groceries today.'”

With a surprised look on her face, Fox looked at the stranger and asked him if he was sure. He said yes, and handed the checker his debit card.

“Nothing like that has ever happened to me before,” she expressed. “I reached out and hugged him, and then I thanked him over and over again.”

She even asked his name once again, but the man with a beard didn't reply. He then faded into the sea of people at the grocery store.

Overcome with emotion, Fox said she couldn't even see or think to make her way to her car. One of the employees escorted her to her vehicle to help unload the groceries.

“I went out to my car, sat there and sobbed,” she said. “I had to let the emotional shock wear off before I could even think about driving off.”

Fox said she later saw the man with a beard walking across the parking lot, but his hands were empty. She couldn't understand why he would be at a grocery store, only to leave with nothing.

“He had nothing in his hands,” she said. “I never saw him carrying groceries or anything.”

She said the experience reinforced for her the fact that there are good people in the world.

“I believe we all need to take care of each other,” Fox said. “We should all love, nurture and care for one another.”

Why he picked her, Fox said she will never know, but the money she would have spent on groceries that day will be used to help others in need.

“That gave us extra money to help provide for two more 'angels' and another family during the Christmas season,” she said. “I will be forever grateful to the man with a beard.”

In her own words, it was a Thanksgiving miracle.