Thanksgiving week, right? Family and turkey. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which one is which. †

Did I mention family? †

Family is either a very good thing or a very, very bad thing. One of the benefits of this holiday is we do pause and reflect donít we.

Since I am a preacher my hope is as people reflect they will confess and repent and live differently.

I have much to be thankful for Ė we have a healthy family. The 15 year old that lives at our house says the prayer at every meal and she always asks God to give us health and He is good to answer those prayers in the affirmative.† This is the Christians alternative to

We had the worldís greatest Australian shepherd for years and then one day she went MIA from the backyard. Several months later I was reading my hometown weekly newspaper (The Rockdale Reporter) and saw an ad for a lost Border Collie. We drove down, picked him up, named him Champ and now we have the worldís greatest Border Collie. Champ is one of those dogs that always has a smile on his face.† We typically find joy in the small things donít we?

My wife and I are about to celebrate 31 years of marriage bliss. Saying you are married to your BFF may be trendy but in my case it is true. I love her very much.We met in high school (that would be The Rockdale High School, aka Tigerland), took her on dates to Sonic because thatís what you do in Rockdale, got married and we are living happily ever after. †

How good is that!

I have a brand new car even if it is not a convertible.

Our oldest just turned 30 (we got married and 11 months later had a baby, we are old school, get married then have babies). †

He is married, has three kids of his own and attends Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Who would not be thankful for this guy? †

I tell people we were Baptist and he was born in a Catholic hospital so it makes sense that he became a Presbyterian.

I have gotten to live in some great cities:† Denver, San Francisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, St. Louis, Bedford Falls and good old Rockdale?

Our four kids have blessed us with five grandkids so far Ė I have not figured out what to do with grandkids yet since Iím not really old enough to be a grandpa but still I think they are something to be thankful for.

We are going to have a great big turkey on Thursday with cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes and cobbler for dessert. †

Iím thankful for that (mostly thankful for the cobbler, sugar is my favorite food group)!

Of course Jesus makes the list. †

Godís grace amazes me. †

Join me not only Thursday but every day as I give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever (Psalm 118:1).

Ken Ansell is the pastor of Community Life Church in Waxahachie.