To the Editor,

The Framers knew best; public servants and not a ruling class would represent the citizens of new Republic that they created with the founding documents. Their vision worked for the first 150 years. After that point in time the career politician was born.

Over the past 100 years the growth of government and the length of tenure of our elected officials have gone hand in hand. Whereas prior to that time, the House of Representatives’ members’ average tenure was two, three, or four terms in office, now the length of time is two, three of even four decades!

The time is come to demand Congress address this egregious, flagrant abuse of our Republic and the people. It is time to demand our employees accept the founding view that public servants should go to Washington, represent We the People, and then return home to their life and live under the rules they created.

I know, I know … we have term limits on our Representatives; we vote on them every two years. … Well, that is BS! Once established in the ruling class, with all the perks and privileges, our “employees” just thumb their collective noses at us, raise hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to throw back any challengers and continue the good life of Big Government career politicians.

Joe Barton, 30-year career big government Republican is a perfect example. Good old Joe has served the Sixth District since 1985, and has been in Congress as the federal government’s annual budget has increased by five times and the national debt has increased by nearly 10 times.

Length of the term can be discussed, but I believe 12 years total service is enough. Two terms in the Senate or six terms in the House, or a combination and we get the turnover we need to restore the vision of the Founding.

Article V of the Constitution allows Congress to address this, but we know that Washington will not solve the problem: Washington IS the problem. Article V also allows the several states to convene and tackle the issue as well. I am calling on my state representatives, candidates for HD10, and incumbent Sen. Brian Birdwell to consider the State Convention method to return the power to Texas and the people.

We deserve better; we can do better.

Bill Carson